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It's done – and it sure feels strange!

Today I posted the very final chapters in my novella Lighthouse Chronicles. And it sure feels fantastic – that this 7 years old journey has finally reached its end. Fantastic – and also a bit sad, because there's a special kind of emptiness in my mind now where the Lighthouse Chronicles have been for so many a years, living in my mind, in my dreams and on 3 different hard drives and several USB-memories and network servers. I started this in 2005 as a fun little thing, a pastime. I started to write about a young man who turned out to be a god and how he found his way to his lost family of divine beings. And how he did all the heroic things along the way, like killing a dragon and beating up bad guys.

And it sure has been a ride, an adventure, from the first stumbling tries at writing a few chapters evolving around the lost kingdom of Atlantis and its demise – and then ending up with five long parts about these Atlantean gods and their counterparts in various corners of the world. About gods, deamons, wizards, warriors, plot-makers, traitors, adventurers, idealists, murderers and saviours. About kings, priests, peassants, policemen, truck-drivers, mercenaries, journalists, medics, artists, shop-keepers, oracles, gangsters and scientists. About love, hate, passion, happiness, friendship, sadness, anxiousness, trust, despair, joy. About parents and children, sisters, brothers, lovers. About magic and technology.

This adventure has been spanning over 6000 years and from Japan in the east to California in the West. From Chile in the south to Finland in the north. And most of all – Atlantis. The legend, the lost kingdom, the continent which was believed to have been located somewhere in the Atlantic ocean – beyond the Pillars of Heracles, which we today call Gibraltar. That continent, which has fascinated me for so many years, making me wonder – if it had exist, what would it be like?

Lighthouse Chronicles isn't really the try to answer that, it's more a desire to make an adventure epic – telling a story about hidden secrets of this world. Giving the reason for all kinds of strange occurrences. And perhaps making us think a bit about usselves in the greater perspective. About science and technology. About the reason for religion, about bravery and cowardice and how thin the line between these states sometimes can be. And how many times the road to hell is pawed with good intentions. And how the will to do good can lead to disaster.

Now I must fill that hole with something else. There are some brushing ups to be made, certainly, and I have been in talk with an editor who might turn this into a serie of real novellas. But before that can happen I may have to go over it several more times and re-write large chunks.

Nevertheless I would like to take the chance to thank all of you who has been reading this and given me encourages, hints and ideas. Who have helped me when I have been despaired and advised me which darlings to kill and so on. Thanks to you guys, you know who you are and you've been tremendous and invaluable! I love you all!


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Long overdue!
:+fav: Thanks very much - much appreciated!
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